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Free Online Courses To Up Your Calligraphy Skills

February 22, 2018
better your calligraphy skills with free courses online

When I first began to play around with calligraphy and fonts, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing except for mimicking the beautiful work of artists online. But no matter how much I tried to copy their swirls and curves, mine just never looked right. I realized that I really needed to take a class and learn the fundamentals of calligraphy and allow masters of their craft to show me how it’s done. I took the plunge and INVESTED $300 into my first calligraphy course. It was probably one of the best investments I’ve made! My artwork today would not be what it is today without those teachers that I looked to not so long ago! Your education in honing your craft is important so I’ve compiled a list of free online courses for you below. If you’re ready for the plunge, I’ve also included places where you can invest in your mad skills too!

better your calligraphy skills with free courses online



This old-school website is a treasure trove of wealth and knowledge! IAMPETH stands for the international association of master penman, engrossers, and teachers of handwriting. They offer a lot of free resources and lessons to help you kick-start your journey. These are literally MASTERS of their craft! They also have guide sheets that you can print at home to help you practice the fundamentals. I believe that before you can really sharpen your own calligraphy style, you have to get the basics down. Copperplate font is probably my favorite.


This youtube channel is jam-packed with tutorials to better your artwork in various fonts! I love so many of these videos because they get up close and personal with letters, nibs, posture, angle, etc. I’ve seen tutorials where the angles of nibs are hard to see but these videos are so clear! I also love that this channel isn’t just dedicated to writing, but also highlights artists that can keep you inspired to do better.


Amanda was an artist I followed from the very beginning of my calligraphy journey. I learned a lot from her through her instagram posts! She offers free resources and videos through her blog and emails you lots of goodies if you sign up. Not to mention, she’s just a really fun person!


Have you ever been stuck trying to think about how a particular letter looks? I STILL have trouble with my Ks! Hello Zanerian College! This is a great resource to just be able to look at particular letters and be inspired by them.


This page is a blog by Emma James and Bailey Rivera. They’ve been featured in Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine several times as well as Brides and Southern Weddings. They offer a lot of free resources as well as classes you can pay for. I particularly like their tutorials on each individual letter which you can find on their blog. Capital letters are always more difficult for me so I’ve found these examples extremely helpful.



Want to learn ANYTHING about being creative, business, technological or just your lifestyle, you can find it on skillshare. Email marketing? Ink drawing? Mixing music?


This chick is one of my all-time favs. Peggy is authentic and doesn’t hold back when it comes to showing you her tips and tricks! She collaborates with a ton of various companies and has been featured on numerous platforms including NBC and TODAY. She offers freebies on her site but you can also take her classes through skillshare. My favorite? The botanical line drawings that she mixes with her calligraphy. YASSSS.


This website has an array of various classes you can take. If you want to take a beginner’s course to Calligraphy, you can check out Bianca Mascorro‘s Introduction To Calligraphy class or her Alternate Letterforms & Flourishes in Calligraphy. 100% of her students recommend her class and she’s had over 8,000!


This was the very first calligraphy summit I’ve ever taken and it helped me build a strong foundation to lean on. The ladies in all of the tutorials are extremely helpful and easy to follow. There were printouts for every lesson and resources given to further your learning even after the conference. I was able to watch all of the videos on my own time and pace. They haven’t opened up 2018 classes just yet but you can head there to sign up and stay in the loop!


From iPad lettering, drawing, calligraphy photography and more, you’ll probably be able to find anything you’d want to learn about writing and art here at Brit & Co! They offer some free classes but all of their content is well worth the investment!

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