The Helmbold House

I’m a strategist.

Huh? What’s a strategist? That means I pretty much look at every possible scenario for a situation and find the best, most effective route to take. I have a passion for improving myself, other people, organizations and businesses and that’s why I started this blog.

I believe that we live in a world where people care too much about what others think and are paralyzed by their fear of failure. We have stopped stepping out and forward to grasp ahold of our life’s greatest passion and goals because we get lost in the muck of insecurity and lack of time. I want to help. The Helmbold Family

After successfully planning and executing hundreds of events, running a small business, being a full-time mother and wife, and actively serving in my local church, I’ve realized that so many of these roles in my life are built on a strategic framework. So many of our questions of “HOW” come down to strategy. How do I organize my time? How do I clean my house with a crying baby? How do I plan an event? How do I make meals when I work full time? How do I make money from home? How do I start a business? How do I accomplish my goals?

So here I am! Currently reading “Learning To Think Strategically” by Julia Sloan to continue to hone my skill set in order to best help you. I’m taking the countless hours of strategy meetings, the incredible early 4 AM mornings and the never-ending supply of coffee to resource you with the how-to’s of life because life isn’t easy, you WILL succeed and we don’t have to do it alone.