My 5 Must-Haves for Babies

January 20, 2018
must-haves for babies you haven't heard of


When I first found out I was pregnant, my husband and I were elated! And then I immediately realized I knew absolutely nothing about babies except that they cry, poop, eat and sometimes sleep. Many of my friends babysat when they were younger. Even my husband had consistent babysitting jobs! I did not. I’m pretty sure I only changed 2 diapers in my life before my son was born. Talk about feeling unprepared! So I really had no idea what was essential, helpful, unnecessary or over the top. All the baby gear in the world seemed like a good idea to me. Now that Jayce is 15 months old, I look back and think of a few items that have been life savers (aside from the obvious necessities like a crib, car seat, bed, diapers, onesies, etc! So here are my 5 must-haves for babies!

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must-haves for babies you haven't heard of

5. Organic Baby Formula: Ok, you might think, baby formula is an obvious necessity. Agreed. But I can’t NOT tell you about this formula. I breastfed Jayce for an entire year but there were times were my milk supply wasn’t enough. Or times when Scott and I left for a day or two and I didn’t have anything stocked up! We tried a few different types of formulas but every time Jayce would drink it, he would gag first. And the formula made him gassy and irritable. One of my friends then told me about this german formula called Lebenswert (thanks Anna)! Guys, this stuff is pretty much amazing. It even SMELLS great! Jayce took it just like he did breastmilk and it didn’t cause gas. Lebenswert is:

  • Non-GMO
  • No added flavors or colors
  • No added preservatives
  • Strictly controlled for pollutants

The milk comes exclusively from organic farmers who follow strict guidelines of Bioland Farming. Although the formula might be just a tad more expensive than what you can get at the store, you could buy in bulk and save!

4. quickly grew to 8 teeth by the time he was 7 months old. And now that he is about a year old, he even has almost all of his molars already. It’s nuts. And it was real scary while breastfeeding. Imagine baby sharks. Needless to say, we tried a lot of teething toys. Some worked. Most didn’t. It don’t know if it was a preference thing or not. The freezer teethers were too cold for his hands. The bib teethers he just wore but never chewed on. The popular chew beads were too big for his mouth. One day, my mom bought this adorable little octopus teether and it was a WINNER. The little tentacles were perfect for him to chew on and it even helped a bit as a toothbrush. AND, it’s dishwasher and freezer safe?! Yes please.

3. Weighted Straw Sippy Cup: Jayce didn’t drink water for the longest time. The only way I could get him

to consume any amount of water is to give him juice with a splash of water or if I let him drink out of an adult glass. Then we tried this sippy cup thinking, “No way will he learn how to suck through a straw already.” And BOOM, after the 3rd or 4th time putting the straw in his mouth, he figured it out. And it became fun for him! He would suck it up and not even mind that it was just water! This weighted straw has an amazing design because no matter how much he tilts the bottle, he can still get water out of the straw, genius! Some of the reviews say that it leaks but I’ve never had that experience. This has been the only way to get Jayce to drink water so this is one of my must-haves! 

2. Weighted Swaddle: I’m pretty sure Jayce slept for 45 minutes at a time when he was first born. That probably went on for a month or so. How anyone stays sane during those sleep deprived days are beyond me. Zen Weighted SwaddleKudos to all you mamas! We tried everything too! Scheduling. Swaddling. Midnight feeds. I felt like the walking dead for awhile, and not much prettier. Until my sister brought one of these weighted swaddles to us. This might not have worked for everyone, but it worked for us. The first night we swaddled him with this weighted swaddle, I think he slept for 4 or 5 hours STRAIGHT. I arose from the ashes of sleep deprivation like a new woman! Seriously give this a try if you’re having a rough time with naps and some shut eye at night. It may not work for everyone (I’ve heard it doesn’t wrap around well for smaller babies), but I highly recommend this!

1. The Nose Frida: Ok, out of all my must-haves for babies, this is my NUMBER 1! This odd looking contraption is called The Nose Frida. When I first received this at my baby shower, the thought of sucking snot out of my kid’s nose almost made me gag and heave. But over the last year, we’ve gone through the

sickness rounds at least a few times and most of them have been nasty sinus stuff. We had countless instances when Jayce wouldn’t be able to breathe because he had so much congestion and the little blue nasal bulbs did NOT work. Nose Frida to the rescue! I remember the first time I held it up to his little nose wondering if I’m just about to inhale a mouthful of snot, but the immediate gratification came when his airways cleared and all that junk came out! And no, thankfully nothing went into my mouth! I think The Nose Frida and I have become great friends seeing how I’m constantly reaching out to her. And sometimes, it’s not just sickness! It’s nose congestion from teething! Seriously thanks to whoever gifted this to the Helmbold house because it may have been the most useful gift we’ve received!

What are some of your must-haves for babies? Comment below!

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