5 Shows Worth Staying In For

January 25, 2018
5 Shows Worth Staying In For

5 Shows Worth Staying In For

I am all for the family-friendly, happy ending, but still consists of plot twists and intrigue kind of shows. I can’t stand horror (seriously, nightmares still). I have a hard time watching shows that only deteriorate their characters without redeeming them (so that means Breaking Bad is out). I can’t stand shallow character development. I cannot watch a show that is not completely finished already because I can’t sleep at night not knowing when I’ll figure out the ending. I am pretty picky when it comes to what I watch. So I’ve compiled a list of what I think are the best shows currently out there as of January 2018. Happy binging!

6. West Wing: Ok I said 5 but I’m throwing this one out there because I couldn’t help it. It first aired in 1999 so it brings back a bit of a nostalgic feel when you look at the hair and the outfits. It follows white house staffers in the daily ebbs and flows in the West Wing. Although West Wing is a show full of political struggle and intrigue, I think that anyone and everyone can still appreciate it even if you don’t like politics. This show has a knack for creating a compelling storyline with highly intelligent characters whose humor and banter will draw you in and touch your heart. It’s won multiple Emmys so don’t knock it till you’ve watched it! Available on Netflix.

5. The Office: When I first started watching The Office, I thought that this show was the most ridiculous, over-the-top, shock seeking kind of writing that I didn’t care for. My husband loved this show and had every season on DVD. It chronicles the mundane life of office happenings yet infused with egos, pranks, and love. I was introduced to Dwight and Jim’s constant battles right off the bat as Scott showed me his favorite episodes. I constantly told him I could only watch 1 episode of The Office at a time because it was just too much. But then one night, we started at season 1, episode 1. And somehow, I fell in love with Pam & Jim. And then all of the various redeeming moments of Michael Scott really moved me to ponder the characteristics of humanity. No, really. This silly show will make you think about our culture and relationships at another level. I pretty much binged the last few seasons because I now actually LOVE this show. This show is also the 2006 Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy Winner. Available on Netflix.

4. Gilmore Girls: I definitely jumped on the Gilmore Girls train way too late. It wasn’t until I started hearing so much about the revival that it peaked my interest. I decided to give it a chance since so many women out there were having Gilmore Girls Revival Parties. If I could describe this show in one word, it would be: WITTY. So so witty! Watching this mother-daughter duo battle life’s ups and downs together make me want to have a daughter! This show is quirky, feel good, and endearing. Available on Netflix.

3. Stranger Things: You’re going to think I keep contradicting myself. I said I didn’t like horror but I love Stranger Things. Yes, there are jump scares, lots of suspense and even characters who die. But this is not a slasher series. There are scary moments. But the scary moments are also coupled with very fun and wistful 80’s moments. When my sister first described the series to me, she said it was like the Goonies coupled with Fringe. I’d say that’s about right. A little boy disappears and his band of friends went through dangerous forces to try and get him back. Ok Netflix, I see you.

2.Sherlock Holmes: I’m pretty sure I’ve watched Season 1 of this BBC Sherlock Holmes at least 4 times now. I know that Sherlock Holmes has been redone a thousand times over but I would have to say that this is the best version that I have watched. The chemistry between Cumberbatch and Freeman is impeccable. And Cumberbatch is brilliant. Some of the other Sherlocks I’ve seen were too witty and couldn’t pull off the intelligence. Some Sherlocks were witty, intelligent but not charming. Cumberbatch has it ALL. Available on Netflix.

1.Downton Abbey: I adore this era, which might be why I’ve put this as #1. Not only is this a classy piece about British aristocratic living in the 1910/20’s, but if you like Jane Austen, this series is like a Pride and Prejudice book except it has 6 glorious seasons to enjoy. Drama knows no boundaries and definitely spreads to all of the 18 main characters that are on the show. The central theme is the constant struggle between love and hate, betrayal and loyalty, tradition and change. There are comforts in the grand air of habitual living but can their traditions outlive the pressing changes of their time? Available on Netflix.

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